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" I am thrilled that everyone who purchases our gold filled and sterling silver jewelry knows they are getting the highest quality handcrafted jewelry. Such pieces are worthy of all beautiful, stylish and confident women."

    ~ Iana Dixon, owner and creator of Iana Dixon Jewelry

I am Iana Dixon, owner and creator of Iana Dixon Jewelry, and here is my story.

I have been creating jewelry since I was 10 years old before I created the Iana Dixon Jewelry company.

It has been my love and passion. I was always concerned with how to find the balance between quality and price. So many times, I have seen how pretty, but cheap jewelry, tarnished after a few wears, and solid yellow or white gold is so expensive.

Then one day something happened…

My sister wore a gold plated bracelet and it caused a bad allergy reaction. Also it tarnished after the first time being worn.

It is for these reasons that I vowed to create a durable and sensitive skin friendly jewelry line that exceeds standards of quality, style and beauty.

I made research on how to create and balance requirements when you want to have durable, non-allergenic, stylish jewelry, but cannot afford solid gold to protect your health. I found the answer - Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

It turns out...The road was more difficult than I imagined. I was concerned that the price point of gold filled and sterling silver jewelry might turn off amazing women with great taste. Surely high quality chains and components must be too expensive?But then...

Several ladies chose my jewelry, and gave positive feedback, filled with many complements and how pleased they were with the quality. It was at this point that I decided to set out fulfill my vision to create high-end quality based jewelry for the most tasteful, stylish and beautiful women in the world. I started out by making a few pieces of gold filled and sterling silver jewelry for myself and began getting many complements and questions from people about where I got them. I wear my own jewelry nearly every day and each piece still looks like new.

Through it all, we released our first product line and the response has been astounding. People really love our jewelry and buy it for themselves and as a gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings and other occasions.The best part?has been that I have made my sister a few gold filled and sterling silver jewelry sets and now she can change her style every day and enjoy with durable, quality and affordable jewelry and not have to worry about skin sensitivity anymore.

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