Jewelry Care Instruction

All types of jewelry, except solid gold, tarnish overtime. To keep your pieces of jewelry in excellent condition, you should follow these instructions.


– Jewelry must be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

– Always keep it dry and clean. Store in dry place, ziplock bag, jewelry box. Follow only our cleaning instructions.

– Avoid any water and sweat contact.

– No swimming, showering, gym or beach time.

– Never apply on it any body lotion, sunscreen, perfume, other cosmetics, etc.

– Don’t touch or twist pearls or other gemstones – it will reduce its luster and you can break your jewelry.

– Take it off before any physical activities or bedtime.

– Don’t drop or apply too much pressure to the jewelry.

– Don’t permit children to wear or play with it.

Gold Filled Necklaces and Bracelets.

Because gold filled jewelry contains real gold, it rarely tarnishes, unless it is under extreme circumstances. With proper care it can serve for years. However, it may get dirty with normal wear. Simple contact with skin accumulates body grease and grim overtime, so your may need to clean your jewelry – Occasionally Only!


– Use warm mild soapy water and soft toothbrush for kids. Clean jewelry with brush very gently for few minutes and rinse with warm water. It will help to remove grease from pearls/gemstones and chain surfaces and leave it clean and shiny.

– Gently wipe it with cotton cloth and let air-dry. When it’s dry, polish jewelry with the polishing cloth from your Free Cleaning Kit.

Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelets.

Sterling Silver jewelry can serve forever, but it tarnishes easily under many circumstances. Simple exposure to air can provoke tarnishing. Good news, it is easy to clean up. Our special method will help you make your silver jewelry look like new in just few minutes.


– Gently clean Pearls/Gemstones the same way as we suggest in our gold filled jewelry cleaning instructions.

– Then take white sidewalk chalk for kids (White Only) and scrape some powder from its surface with end of scissors or something sharp. Chalky powder must be soft and fluffy, like the consistency of flour.

– Use soft cotton cloth with powder on and start wiping chain inch by inch avoiding rubbing Pearls/Gemstones. When chains clean and shiny, rinse it with warm water.

– Gently wipe it with cotton cloth and let air-dry. When it’s dry, polish it with polish cloth from your Free Cleaning Kit.

Rings and Earrings.

Please carefully use Jewelry Care Instruction rules when wearing earrings or rings with Pearls/Gemstones. You may use the same cleaning instructions we offered above. Also we highly recommend annually bring rings and earrings to jeweler for professional pearls care.

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