Gold Filled Bracelets

Gold filled bracelets: look and feel the same as solid gold, but more affordable.

Our gold filled bracelets from “The Feelings” jewelry collection are more affordable than solid gold bracelets but still offer the same luxurious look and feel. Here you will find trendy, elegant, stylish, beautiful, hypoallergenic gold bracelets you will love.

Here are some of the most popular bracelet styles you will find in our store:

• gold filled bracelet

• simple gold bracelet

• gold dainty bracelet

• dainty gold bracelet

• gold chain bracelet

• gold chain bracelets (set).

Each bracelet style is available in three sizes and is adjustable.

Handmade 14k gold filled bracelets: ideal for everyday wear + other benefits.

14k Gold Filled Bracelets are a type of gold filled jewelry made with 14 karat gold. They are a popular jewelry choice for many valid reasons:

• GF bracelets are an excellent option for everyday wear because they are durable and tarnish resistible.

• You may wear it alone or layer it with other bracelets for a more stylish look.

• They are comfortable, practical and will fit your lifestyle and wardrobe.

See what benefits our gold fill bracelets offer to you:

• Look and feel of solid gold at a much more affordable price.

• Contain at least 5% of solid gold and is more durable than gold-plated jewelry.

• With proper care that may serve you for years.

• Do not tarnish or discolor easily.

• Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin friendly.

Enjoy your shopping with Iana Dixon Jewelry. Find your new favorite jewelry

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