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3 Black Pearl Pendant


3 Black Pearl Pendant
“I’m Fascinating” necklace from “The Pearl and Inspiration” jewelry collection.

Created with:
– 1,6mm cable chain
– 8-9mm black, potato shaped, high luster freshwater pearls
– Black pearls usually vary between more purple’ish, more blue’ish or more green’ish.
– These particular Black Pearls have a more purple tone.

Buying our fabulous necklace you will get:
– special occasion note (by request);
– stylish environmentally friendly gift packaging.

* If you order more than one item, but don’t mark it as a gift,
we will pack all items in one gift box. We do it because we are an
environmentally friendly brand and want to stay green.

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This 3 Black pearl pendant is a stylish and modern jewelry choice.

   We named this 3 Black pearl pendant “I’m Fascinating” and it is a beautiful member of “The Pearl and Inspiration” collection.
   This fashion pearl necklace is an excellent choice for everyday wear and perfect for layering. You will absolutely adore this cute necklace.
   Black pearl jewelry is very trendy. Classy things are always in style. It suits your style, so you will never take it off. It will become your best friend for ever. Isn’t it awesome?
   This black freshwater pearl necklace is definitely worth purchasing, because it is:

- an ultimate everyday jewelry choice

– created specially for you
- customized to meet your needs

- made with five-star quality materials

– handcrafted by an professional

– the top-selling product on jewelry-market.
   You will really love this three pearl necklace, it is going to be a welcome addition to your jewelry collection.


– Black Pearls can have a more purple, more blue, more yellow, more green, or more pink tone.

– Each pearl is unique so that each one will be slightly different in color, size and/or shape then another. That feature make these absolutely one of a kind.

– Natural pearls may have some flaws, blemishes or imperfections. We only use the highest quality freshwater pearls so their surfaces are 90% clean or better.

– Please note that colors may vary slightly due to different computer settings.

** Shop early for a better pearl selection.

Real pearl necklace requires more real pearl accessories. Just look at these beauties.

"The Pearl and Inspiration" jewelry collection includes these features:

Important information about your order! Please read before ordering!

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Additional information

Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in

Gold Filled, Sterling Silver


16" – 19" (40,6 – 48,3cm), 18" – 21" (45,7 – 53,4cm)