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Beaded Eyeglass Chain


Beaded Eyeglass Chain
from the “You are a Goddess“ jewelry collection

Created with:
– lead and nickel free rich yellow gold plated or rhodium plated lobster claw clasps (x2) and jump rings (x2);

lead and nickel free rich yellow gold plated or rhodium copper chain with 4mm gold or silver beads;
black and white chain holders (both sets come with each order).

When buying our fabulous chain, you will get:
– special occasion note (by request);
– stylish environmentally friendly gift packaging.

* This listing is for a chain only. Glasses, sunglasses and mask are not included.
**If you order more than one item, but don’t mark it as a gift,
we will pack all items in one gift box.


Processing and Shipping

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Beaded eyeglass chain fit for all four seasons

   It is one of the most popular eyeglass chain styles right now. This beaded eyeglass chain was created to make you look your best in spring, summer, fall or winter. Style is everything and this beaded glasses chain is the real proof of it.

   You can style this glasses holder around neck for your sunglasses, eyeglasses and even a face mask.


Gold Plated, Copper, Aluminum, Rhodium Plated, Silver Plated are tarnishable. How fast it tarnishes will depend from the wearer’s care and manner of wear. Without proper care it can tarnish really fast. Please follow our Jewelry Care Instruction to prolong your new chain’s life and beauty.

The color of the chain, lobster clasps and jump rings might be slightly different.

We are not able to take responsibility for product tarnishing because we cannot control wear and care processes.

If you want a durable chain we recommend to get it in Gold Filled or Sterling Silver here.

Thank you for understanding.

Put this glasses holder around neck and forget about your other jewelry.

Additional information

Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in
Chain size

28" (71 cm), 35" (89 cm)


Gold Plated, Silver Plated