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Gold Filled Bracelet


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This beautiful gold-filled bracelet is sure to become your new favorite accessory

This gold filled bracelet handmade with love and care. You can be sure this dainty piece we create from safe and gentle materials on sensitive skin. Perfect for everyday wear, this bracelet's versatility ensures it's fit for any occasion – from casual dinner parties to formal events and everything in between! And not to mention, it's lightweight – so you'll never feel weighed down throughout the day.


Thin Gold Bracelet: Get the Perfect Accessory with Iana Dixon's Jewelry.

Give yourself a special treat today with this thin gold bracelet. Light enough to make you forget it's there but still bold enough to turn heads, it's the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. Whether you want something daring for date night or an understated look for a daytime meeting, this jewelry offers every opportunity. Show off your sophisticated taste and love of style with this handmade bracelet – a promising addition to your wardrobe.

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5" – 7" (12,7cm – 17,8cm), 6" – 8" (15,24cm – 20,32cm), 7" – 9" (17,78cm – 22,9cm)

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