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Double Gold Necklace


Double Gold Necklace
“The Happiness Necklace” from “The Feelings” signature collection.

Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled

Buying our fabulous necklace you will get:
– special occasion note (by request);
– stylish environmentally friendly gift packaging.

* If you order more than one item, but don’t mark it as a gift,
we will pack all items in one gift box. We do it because we are an
environmentally friendly brand and want to stay green.


Get a 20% Discount


Double gold necklace is a mega popular modern jewelry.

   The “Happiness Necklace” is our best-selling piece of jewelry. We have been selling these like hot pies, even before we officially launched “The Feelings” collection. We know you aren’t surprised because you know how popular dainty choker necklaces are now. In creating this pretty double gold necklace, we mixed the most delicate chains we have – satellite and flat cable. So, technically you get two necklaces on one clasp. It is also available in silver. Without a doubt, it is gonna be a very stylish choker.
   As we mentioned earlier, short necklaces are huge now! So we created this dainty gold choker, following your preferences and jewelry industry trends.
   You will love this simple choker necklace, because it is:
– is in the highest demand

– eye-catching and stylish

– beautiful and romantic

– flirty and happy

– delicate and chic

– most desirable gift for women.
   This necklace is skillfully handcrafted special for you, with high standards of quality. We know you deserve the best, and we give it to you. Your happiness is our business. Also, you can make your life’s VIP’s happy and give them this pretty necklace as a gift. It’s time to get spoiled.

Small dainty necklaces always looks beautiful and stylish.

Additional information

Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in

Gold Filled, Sterling Silver


12" – 15" (30,5 – 38,1cm), 14" – 17" (35,6 – 43,2cm), 16" – 19" (40,6 – 48,3cm)

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