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Gold Anklet Bracelet


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This gold anklet bracelet is everything you need for your stylish look.

We love to make you feel happy and this is the reason we create absolutely stunning jewelry pieces. “The Love Anklet is an awesome custom ankle bracelet for you, your sister, best friend or so.
   This shiny gold filled anklet will perfectly fit your lifestyle, and meet your needs. It is very feminine and elegant. It will never be too much or inappropriate. Classiness is timeless. The ankle bracelet has been made with our most popular satellite and cable chain style on one clasp with a 1.5” attached extender.
   Gold anklets for women are huge now. But if you will choose this style but in sterling silver anklet, you will still win!
   You will never make a mistake if you choose this style of anklet chain, because it is:

– made to your high standards

– made with talented hands

– tasteful and practical  jewelry choice

– elegant and pretty.
   Our anklets are affordable and suit your style. You’ll enjoy wearing it every single day.

“The Feelings” collection includes these unique features

Important information about your order! Please read before ordering!

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Important information about your order! Please read before ordering!
Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in

10" – 12" (25,5 – 30,48cm), 9" – 11" (23 – 27,9 cm)

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