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Layered Gold Chain Necklace


Layered Gold Chain Necklace
‘The Endless Love Necklace” from “The Feelings” jewelry collection.

Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled

Buying our fabulous necklace you will get:
– special occasion note (by request);
– stylish environmentally friendly gift packaging.

* If you order more than one item, but don’t mark it as a gift,
we will pack all items in one gift box. We do it because we are an
environmentally friendly brand and want to stay green.

Get a 20% Discount



This layered gold chain necklace will be your bestie for every day and occasion.

   We created this layered gold chain necklace with you in mind and named it “The Endless Love”. This is a deluxe 3 layer necklace, and you will never take off, because it is:

- always in trend 

– seductive and great-looking

- perfectly adjustable

- made to our high standards

- luxuriously handcrafted special for you

– made with attention to details.
   This dainty choker is the one you will really be happy to own. It is delicate and will sit beautifully on your neck. What is also important – it suits your style.
   This multi strand gold necklace is an excellent choice for modern woman – Have no Doubts, this choker is worth buying.
   In creating this three layer necklace we attached three strands of chain on one clasp. Also, we attached a 3″ plain chain extension to your necklace, so you can change your style up and down.

We custom create these cute dainty necklaces special for you.

Additional information

Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in

Gold Filled, Sterling Silver


12" – 15" (30,5 – 38,1cm), 14" – 17" (35,6 – 43,2cm), 16" – 19" (40,6 – 48,3cm)

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My favorite necklace ever!